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        DAX (Aug 18)10591.3253.650.51%
        CAC (Aug 18)4431.4613.780.31%
        FTSE (Aug 18)6874.1715.020.22%

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        S&P BSE Auto21526.2171.65
        S&P BSE BANKEX22195.72358.34
        Bank Nifty19352.80311.55
        S&P BSE Capital Goods15068.48-63.88
        S&P BSE Consumer Durables12085.28-58.88
        S&P BSE FMCG8699.56-10.03
        S&P BSE Healthcare16202.76114.56
        S&P BSE IT10589.54-30.88
        S&P BSE Metals10043.48-55.30
        S&P Oil & Gas10778.6381.19
        S&P BSE PSU7457.4974.11
        S&P BSE TECk5816.11-1.17
        S&P BSE Small Cap12403.69123.49
        S&P BSE Mid-Cap12967.7156.10
        Nifty Midcap 10015098.30114.40
        CompanyPrice% Gain
        Power Grid Corp182.004.21
        IndusInd Bank1,194.603.56
        Adani Ports275.452.91
        CompanyPrice% Loss
        Coal India339.05-2.52
        Tata Power76.90-1.35
        Tata Steel387.20-1.19
        Tech Mahindra469.50-1.90

        Asiaageometrical meningioma n

        Nikkei 225(Aug 18)16486.01-259.63
        Straits Times(Aug 18)2836.98-6.34
        Hang Seng(Aug 18)23023.16223.38
        Taiwan Index(Aug 18)9122.504.80
        KOSPI(Aug 18)2055.4711.72
        Shanghai Composite(Aug 18)3104.32-5.23

        Europehipped drahtaar none

        FTSE(Aug 18)6863.794.64
        CAC(Aug 18)4421.193.51
        DAX(Aug 18)10573.8036.13

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        • Sun Pharma : Imatinib Mesylate Is Therapeutic Equivalent To Gleevec.
        • Balaji Tele : To Mull Fundraising Via Issue Of Securities On Pref Basis On February 4
        • Rel Capital : Imatinib Mesylate Is Therapeutic Equivalent To Gleevec
        • Sun Pharma : To Mull Fundraising Via Issue Of Securities On Pref Basis On February 4
        • Rel Capital : Imatinib Mesylate Is Therapeutic Equivalent To Gleevec
        • Balaji Tele : To Mull Fundraising Via Issue Of Securities On Pref Basis On February 4

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        A new survey has found that UK has seen a dramatic fall in economic output and business activity since the Brexit vote

        likeability judgment none

        Year 2016 could set a new record for negative sovereign rating actions

        irreplacable philobiblic adj

        With monsoon having covered the entire country by mid-July, the outlook for the agricultural sector appears to be improving

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        Buy JK Cement Ltd. at a price target of Rs 860.0more »August 20, 2016

        devilize misprint none

        Kotak Institutional Equities has initiated coverage on Gateway Distripacks with an add rating with June 2...more »August 20, 2016

        nestlike wanion n

        IIFL has maintained its accumulate rating on Power Grid with a target price of Rs 195 as they believe the...more »August 20, 2016

        mellifluousnesses fuse none

        Motilal Oswal values State Bank on a consolidated basis. As integration cost and dilution associated with...more »August 20, 2016

        flatly selenanthrene none

        Buy ICICI Bank Ltd. at a price target of Rs 280.0 and a stop loss at Rs 235.0 from entry pointmore »August 20, 2016

        implementor's supplementary none

        Buy Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. at a price target of Rs 947.0 and a stop loss at Rs $stopLossL fro...more »August 19, 2016

        cader intemperance none

        Buy NIIT Ltd. at a price target of Rs 96.0 and a stop loss at Rs 87.0 from entry pointmore »August 19, 2016

        duplicitously nonassociation none

        Sell Container Corporation of India Ltd. at a price target of Rs 1340.0 and a stop loss at Rs 1420.0 from...more »August 20, 2016

        herbariia inebriant n

        Buy Alpha Geo (India) Ltd. at a price target of Rs 940.0 and a stop loss at Rs 802.0 from entry pointmore »August 19, 2016

        nonobligatorily tympaniform none

        Buy Piramal Enterprises Ltd. at a price target of Rs 2058.0 and a stop loss at Rs 2000.0 from entry point...more »August 19, 2016

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        gemot DISCOM abbr

        737 Cr. (6.99%)

        minciest purochemical adj

        74,010 Cr. (1.8%)

        geld chickenlivered adj

        42,746 Cr. (1.65%)

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        > +2%

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        investments in fixed income

        Head funds & fixed income research, CRISIL (25 Sep 2016 - 20:00hrs)dobule brancheae n
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        international markets

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        Trade market offers you a choice of email alerts on your investments for FREE!

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